People Who Made A Huge Mistake By Asking The Wrong Guy For Help

People enlist the help of Photoshop experts for a number of reasons, and usually expect to see the issues with their photos corrected in a clean, professional manner. The following folks, however, turned to James Fridman for their photo fix-ups, and got pretty much the polar opposite.

James Fridman is one of the (if not the) most renowned Photoshop trolls on the Internet, and he’s pretty much a master at taking the pictures people send him and sending back finished products that make them wish they were never born. Rest assured that no matter how specific of a request you give this man, he will follow through with it exactly how it’s written. He’s like a genie from a lamp that grants wishes way too literally.

Scroll down to see his latest visual zingers, and check out some more of his hilarious work here.

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