Photos Are Even Funnier When You Take A Second Look At Them

Do you often find yourself in a situation when something catches your eye and you just have to stop whatever you’re doing and take a second look? Whether it is a controversial advertisement or simply a weird photo that just doesn’t seem right, it could take some time to see what was wrong with it.

A photograph doesn’t need to be altered in any kind of way in order to look out of the ordinary; sometimes the perfect timing and the right angle are enough do the magic.

1. This degree looks pretty fancy until you come closer

This certificate is worth something only to the person who earned it; however, it serves as a proof that the same person had a lot of fun, and it’s a bit enviable.

2. What you see here is just a regular bored passenger

When you think about it, this canine is the perfect travel companion; instead of sitting next to a person who would probably not stop talking or snoring the whole time, the dog might even make your trip more fun than expected.

3. You will be staring at this one a long time before figuring it out

This is one of the trickiest photos on the list; you would probably find it strange why there is a tiny pebble between these bricks, but then you’ll notice that this is actually a perfect optical illusion.

4. Nothing wrong with this lovely couple

Considering that wedding photos are sometimes the funniest, this one is a nice example; when you stop admiring these beautiful people, you would probably notice the angry woman on the left who is flipping off someone.

5. The irony is strong in this one

This dude probably thinks that his style is immaculate, but it’s actually hilarious; he might take some advice from the diaper package he is holding.

6. Photo-bombing done right

This guy is probably against any public display of love and affection, and he was able to ruin this selfie in the best possible way.

7. There’s an outfit you don’t see on a man every day

Actually, there’s nothing wrong in the photo; the dude is dressed like a normal man, you just need to keep looking at the image and you’ll see it.

8. The smallest brother is obviously in the middle

When you take a second look, you will surely notice that the youngest brother is not the shortest one; it’s just his pose that creates the optical illusion.

9. You might want to check the dryer if it starts making weird noises

Did you see it yet? It’s not the clothes that were making the strange sound; it was something else, and it’s still inside.

10. When engineering and a sense of humor are perfectly blended, they result in something like this

Anyone will be worried and rush to the rescue if they see this flipped truck. But when you come really close your jaw will drop to the ground; someone actually designed this vehicle to look that way, and the fabrication quality looks to be very high. This creation should get some kind of award. We wonder what everybody’s reactions are when they see it rolling down the road.

11. What kind of sorcery is this?

Assembling a scale model of a ship inside of a bottle requires skill and patience, but there is a certain technique to do that. The picture you see here is a completely different story. How do you insert a whole potato chip into a small plastic bottle? It has to be magic.

12. A smart person with a smart watch

It may not look pretty, but you have to admit that the idea behind this is very clever; the display of this watch really looks like it’s transparent.

13. What’s up with these feet?

This definitely is one of the weirdest photos on the list. Never mind the charger. No matter how you look at the image, this woman apparently has a pair of little hands instead of toes on every foot.

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