Portraits Of Identical Twins Show Just How Different They Are

Photographer Peter Zelewski has spent the last couple of years exploring the special world of identical twins, questioning not only the incredible bond between them, but also what makes them different from each other as their unique personalities shine through.

Peter has a passion for street portraiture, and chooses to capture his subjects outdoors in natural light. He captures identical twins from different ages, backgrounds and gender, all found in the diverse and cosmopolitan city of London, where Detroit-born Peter has lived since the 1980’s.

“When I first started the project, it was without a doubt the visual attraction which I found most interesting when taking portraits of twins,” Peter told Huck. “But, as the series progressed, it was the subtle differences that became equally interesting.”

While the twins are deliberately dressed similarly, even affecting similar poses to highlight their togetherness, Peter manages to capture their individuality too, in the subtle differences in expression and mood that they display. “One example is 15-year-old brothers Duke and Joe. Although they are identical twins they couldn’t be more different, both in their physical appearance and personalities. By stripping down the background and photographing the boys in plain t-shirts, I was able to let their different personalities shine through.”

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