She Poured SO Much Chocolate Into A Big Bowl – By The End, I Was Simply Amazed

With Easter fast approaching, what are most people excited about? The candy, obviously!

Chocolate eggs, chocolate bunnies, and sugary Peeps will be consumed in mass quantities. But none of those timely treats hold a flame to this.

Each Imperial Easter Egg is made from a whopping 12 pounds of deluxe, ethically sourced chocolate by the Bettys chocolatiers. These eggs are all handmade and crafted to be the perfect gift for any true chocolate lover. But why are they called imperial? Just you wait and see – they definitely live up to their name…

I don’t think anyone could eat one of these in one sitting, but I’m sure there are a few brave souls out there who would be willing to try. Chocolate can drive people to do some pretty crazy things…

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