These Super Crazy Husband Wife Texts Will Make You Lol!

A Husband and his wife constantly text each and other and among these texts, there are bound to be something funny. We scrounged the internet for such conversations for you to see.

1. This Husband Knows His Cards. 

That will make the wife come back asking for peace in no time!

2. You Are Supposed To Be Wearing A Shirt Under It. 

I wonder what Olivia will think when she gets to see these texts one day.

3. This wife Texts Her Husband About The Noises He Makes While Sleeping.

What kind of dreams is the husband having?

4. This Wife Doesn’t Know The Difference Between A Dog And  A Coyote. 

And yes it was the wife, we confirmed.

5. No Excuses For That. 

It’s rude to be late and making lame excuses like that lady.

6. This Husband Seems To Have Two Young Ones To Look After.

Aren’t bubbles salty?

7. Cheating Husband Is Going To Get Wrecked. 

How careless can one be?

8. I Don’t Think She Realised What Her Text Really Meant. 

I’m sure the husband was mortified.

9. What A Puntastic Couple! 

She’s a savage, though.

10. That Escalated Quickly. 

Texts like these make me phobic towards children.

11. Drama Queens. 

Spiders are also living beings trying to live their lives on this earth. Get over yourself.

12. How Does This Woman Get Any Sleep? 

You are annoying too.

13. I Need This App!

Life would be much more peaceful.

14. I’m Starting To Like This Guy. 

His texts are gold.

15. Meanwhile, The Crazy Coyote Wife Is Still At It. 

By the way, it was a prank.

16. Now That’s One Smart Woman.

She got him good.

17. Is This Woman Blind Or Something? 

Shaking my head.

18. Just When You Think Your Day Can’t Get Any Worse. 

It proves you wrong.

19. Dexter Approves. 

This couple rocks!

20. And You Are Next. 


21. Go Get Your Eyes Checked. 

Both of you!

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