Talented Artist Reimagines Hero Portraitures in the Style of Picasso

How far will Flash get with legs that look broken? And how long will it take him? And is he looking left or right? I have SO many questions.

I feel like Hellboy is under-appreciated as a character. He’s badass, he’s funny, and Guillermo Del Toro’s movies deserved more attention than they got.

This Iron Man suit looks like it’s been given a good bashing by Hulk.

Welcome! Feast your eyes on the world’s lamest superhero – Aquaman! His comic book version looks nothing like the muscular depiction in the upcoming Justice League movie.

Feast your eyes on the world’s most boring superhero – Captain America. Wait, do I have a problem with superheroes whose name starts with the letter A? Sorry, I need to go think about this for a while…

Silver Surfer. No commentary needed.

They have also drawn The Joker, arguably the coolest, most menacing, and bat-poop crazy villain in any comic book series. I think it speaks loads about the character when this disfigured Picasso-esque portrait looks like a rather natural depiction.

The most confusing part of Mike’s portrait of Spider-Man is that his body looks entirely fine, it’s just the head and hands that are absolutely out of this world. I think this Spider-Man probably can’t do anything a spider can.

It seems like Mike knew that there’s no way that The Incredible Hulk would fit onto a canvas. Bruce Banner’s green version seems quite crammed in the borders of this rather small canvas painting.

Venom’s face and jaw looks scary on the pages of a regular comic book, but this portrait will have me experiencing nightmares for the rest of the month.

The designers didn’t shy away from drawing superheroes that aren’t well known to the wide public. Even though Watchmen, the cult graphic novel, has been adapted to film, the superheroes from this series is nowhere near as famous as staple Marvel and DC superheroes. Presented above is Dr. Manhattan.

Wolverine just doesn’t look as cool with a deformed face. If I saw him walking down the street I’d be amused rather than scared. His blades look like tiny cat claws. He could still beat me up with just his left hand, but that’s more of a self-deprecating joke than a compliment to this disfigured Logan.

What would it look like if Thor’s face was as square and “heavy” as his hammer?

Mike’s reimagined Wonder Woman portrait pays homage to Picasso’s “Woman Sitting in a Chair”.

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