Texts That Prove Moms Shouldn’t Have Phones

Texting is seen as a “millennial thing” but our parents need to keep in contact with us somehow. To this end, they’ve begun to delve into the world of telecommunication, and sometimes that’s not always a good thing for us younger people.

Here are 21 exchanges that prove my point.

1. Savagery Level: Mom

2. Mom is NOT on your side

3. So close

4. Educated guess?

Well she has a point… a Swiffer?

6. TMI

7. That’s going to be an awkward Thanksgiving

8. Oh dear!

9. I’d like to point out that it’s not just moms who do this…

10. Shewillfigureitout

11. MOM!

12. Is this the same mom from #8?

13. Not quite

14. Maybe a phone call would have been better

15. Nightmare fuel

16. Mom: Nature’s support system

17. Goofy mom, or evil child?

18. I don’t think I want that gum…

19. It took a while, but she got there

20. T.M.I. from M.O.M.

21. Be like bowtie man

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