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The Craziest Things That Ever Happened On Board Ever

Photos reveal the weirdest things ever seen on a plane.

Since when are you allowed to bring your own flotation device onto an airplane?

Playing hide and seek with the captain on board.

When your legs get numb on long flight.

How to enjoy your first flight

when you have sleepwalking syndrome.

I guess no one wants to travel with this wax model.

Passenger You DO NOT Want Sitting Near You

My friend was on a plane when suddenly

Babies in Bins!

Real life incognito mode!

Did he have to remove his shoes when going through security?

So this is how the screens on the plane froze when the pilot gave an announcement

Its not what its look like he is just hugging her.

When the jet lag hits you hard.

When you’re too rich but the only friend you wanna travel with is hawk.

Making sure the instructions session goes well.

New trend for the hip hop fans!

Mummy wanna travel back to Egypt.

U look stunning, dear!

Not sure if that is a sleeping bag or a big size condom.

The plane wont takeoff its too overloaded I guess.

This flight is surely go to Atlanta .

Scooby-Doo enjoying its flight.

Credit cards are accepted here

Praying hard, the first flight doesn’t end up as titanic did

I guess instructions were not very clear.

That’s how you travel like a sassy princess .

when Kobe Bryant gets bored on a flight.

This guy is too optimistic about his feet.

Not a best place to do stretching

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