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The Future Of Skateboards Is Here… Except It Doesn’t Have A Board

One the best parts of the Back to the Future movie series was seeing Michael J. Fox’s Marty McFly character race around on his skateboard. He first rode a traditional board, skitching on the backs of cars on his way to school in the first film. McFly then rode a makeshift children’s toy when he traveled back to the 1950s. He later cruised around on a pretty awesome hoverboard in Back to the Future Part II, which was the envy of all children and extreme sports buffs past and present due to hoverboards not actually existing.

Yet for all of these crazy innovative skateboards, it turns out there’s one variety Marty McFly missed. Once you see the skateboard of the future, it’ll be hard to believe we’re just now seeing it in action.

If someone makes Back To The Future: Part 4, we’d probably see Michael J. Fox cruising on one of these bad boys. Until that happens, these will keep us pretty happy instead. I sure wish I had them as a kid.

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