There are 11 kinds of drunks you can be. Which one are you?

Drinking is fun and as the drinks go down so do our inhibitions. We start losing our defenses and with each drink, we become more of who we are. How we act after getting drunk may depend on the situation and the company we are in but usually, it is our most dominant trait which starts showing as we go from tipsy to sloshed. There are, therefore, 11 different kinds of drunk people and here’s how they act. Read on.

1 The calm drunk

Some people like to enjoy their drinks in peace and quiet. They like taking their time while they pour down their elixirs and they prefer having good conversations over drinks. They use drinks to break the ice and they like sitting comfortably with friends and family talking about life and other such things. They are more of conversationalists than drunks.

#2 The philosopher drunk

There are a few amongst us who get all philosophical after getting drunk. They can’t help themselves but talk about life, politics, religion and such kind of things without bothering about the company. They like talking and debating after getting drunk, which may soon get annoying for others in their company.

#3 The singer drunk

Some people just can’t help themselves but break into a song after getting drunk. It’s like the singer in them was hiding and when the alcohol lowered their inhibition levels, they open up and start singing without a care in the world. They are one of the most fun people to drink with.

#4 The crying drunk

There are quite a few people who get emotional after getting drunk. They get into a depressing zone and they start thinking about everything that went wrong in their lives. They start complaining and whining and soon break down into tears. They can be handles to a certain extent but if they do it regularly, people start avoiding their company.

#5 The dancer drunk

Dancing drunk is one of the most fun things to do and there are many among us who can’t help themselves but break a move or two once we have had a sufficient amount of liquor in our systems. Dancing drunks are one of the coolest people as they do not care about who’s watching and they dance with their hearts and a hop in their feet.

#6 The violent drunk

These are one of the worst kinds of drunks. They get drunk and then they start acting out. They get aggressive, defensive, and often violent. They are usually involved in a lot of bar fights and even when they are drinking with friends, they may end up making a huge scene for nothing. Alcohol spurs them on and they lose their control completely. They aren’t cool despite what they might say to themselves.

#7 The loving drunk

There are quite a few people who like everyone to know how much love they have once they get drunk. They would go around telling people how much they love them, they would express their love for their friends and would hug and kiss almost anyone drinking with them. They are usually sweet by nature and their drunk love is usually well-intentioned.

#8 The non-drunk

Then there are people who just can’t seem to get drunk, no matter what. They are like tankers and can drink gallons of alcohol without even budging. We still don’t know why they drink if they can’t get drunk but they are usually excellent company to have in case one gets sloshed.

#9 The hungry drunk

Some of us get hungry after getting drunk. The hungry drunks do not care about the dance floor nor do they care if they wish to sing. They hardly care about a conversation as their focus shifts completely on food. Give them food and they will peacefully drink with chips in their hands.

#10 The sleepy drunk

Some drunks cannot keep themselves awake after getting drunk. Their eyes stoop on their own and their yawns don’t leave their mouths. They feel tired and exhausted after drinking and only a good night’s sleep will do for them.

#11 The never-again drunk

Finally, there are those who just can’t handle their drinks. They drink like there’s no tomorrow and end up doing things that they regret the next day. They usually have no clue how they reached home after getting sloshed and are usually blank for long periods of time while they were drinking. They can be really fun or annoying depending on the personality they have, as they drink.

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