These Illustrations Capture What It Really Means To Live Alone

There is a huge difference between living and making it valuable or meaningful. Living; is what billions of people are doing and making it count is what a selected bunch of people are doing and out of which living alone is another hard thing. When writer Mari Andrew found herself in a dark place following the sudden death of her father, a painful breakup and traumatic surgery, she sought comfort from the darkness that followed in her creative pursuits by the use of many illustrations and continued to live in a good way by the use of her illustrations.

Let’s take a look at these illustrations by Andrew which capture the real meaning to live properly:

1. Vulnerability and regret in a single photo.

The first photos you have shared on social media are the ones you feel sorry for the most and not at all do your “notes” or “studies” folder ever has the real content in them…

2. The feeling of being comfortable.

These are the perfect comforts you can imagine in life that can happen to you when you are even a little bit depressed.

3. Perfect illustrations for being Homesick!

The sadness of being alone is what you can relate to if have ever suffered it in your life.

4. Being Emotional and then not being able to express it.

These are perfect drinks and things to do when any of this happens and this can’t get more enjoyable until you get up from that tension.

5. This is superbly relatable.

This is not only isolated to a subway, it is actually relatable to everyone and everything and you definitely have experienced it at some point in your life.

6. Singleness is Awesome.

You can simply live your life without any stress and not care about anything or any person in the world, So, live your life to the fullest.

7. Or the obstacles that stop us from feeling like “proper” grown-ups…

Being alone and not having any sort of help in life and doing everything alone is in itself amazing as well as a tiring task but at the end, you remember it.

8. The thought process is your own.

Being alone myself I know what I do when a long thought comes to my mind and there is no one to share it and how we end up taking decisions and summarizing anything.

9. You at least do things.

Maybe not on time or regularly but at least you will always be better than people who don’t bath for months….

10. Even your success is useless when you’re vulnerable.

Even if you get to do something that is awesome, you won’t have anyone to appreciate and it doesn’t end like that, you will get people who are gonna criticize you, so basically doing something worth applaud means doing worse!

11. This is relatable.

This literally happens whenever you watch any kind of illustrations, movies, songs, or any sort of story you hear. You, relate to it, think about it and that’s when you might feel emotional or something like that.

12. Never dare to think you’re happy.

Or your anxiety and vulnerability are gonna show you that it exists and can’t be ignored.

These were some of the perks and negatives of living alone. This would surely be relatable to you if ever lived in a situation like this and if you haven’t you know how we are.

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