This Cat Is Taking Over The Internet With His Hilarious Facial Expressions Despite His Problem

Rexie is living proof that disability does not mean inability. You see, even though this 3-year-old cat has a broken backbone and can’t control his two back legs, he has a very unique and upbeat personality nonetheless. In fact, Rexie’s little face is so full of expressions, people have nicknamed him as the Cat-King Of Bleps.

Rexie was only a baby when his previous owners badly mistreated him, leaving the poor kitty paralyzed. Over time, however, he had learned to live life to the fullest regardless of his condition. “He doesn’t even know he’s handicapped,” Dasha tells Bored Panda. “He does all the things other cats do. Only he’s unable to use the toilet or scratch his ears on his own. But that’s what his human is for!” Dasha adopted the kitty after it was rescued and they have been inseparable ever since.

At first, Minaeva got her cat a custom wheelchair to help the creature get around the house. But it soon proved to be of little use. “He does way much better without [it.] Cats are very independent and adjust perfectly. Rexie is more mobile and comfortable walking and running on his two feet.”

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Rexie is handicapped but it by no means stops him from being awesome!

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