This Desperate Man Is Literally Cooking Himself Alive For An Important Reason

A cancer diagnosis brings with it feelings of terror and unease. Twenty-five-year-old Jia Binhui knows this all too well. Nevertheless, this negativity isn’t stopping the young man in Yunlong County, China, from doing everything to change his future. However, instead of undergoing the medical treatment he can no longer afford, Binhui is using a method that most will find to be rather unorthodox.

After running out of money for treatment, Binhui heard that heat over 105 degrees Fahrenheit could be a substitute to chemo or bone marrow transplants.


With this idea, Binhui built a contraption to literally cook himself. “They say experts believe a temperature higher than 42 degrees Celsius can kill cancer cells,” he says, “so I set up a contraption in my backyard to try.”


Binhui’s fire contraption consists of a few logs on top of bricks, laid over a smoldering fire made from any branch or sawdust he can find. He stays up on the logs for as long as he can tolerate them.


We really hope that everything works out for Jia, who recently married his childhood sweetheart. He’ll soon find out if the cancer has gone into remission, and ultimately if his contraption is working. We’re thinking of you, Jia!


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