This Family Has Been Living Inside A DIY Solar Geodesic Dome In The Arctic Circle For Over 5 Years

Hjertefølger means heart follower in Norwegian, and the Hjertefølger family are certainly true to their name. After all, it takes a very special kind of force to compel you to move to a remote part of the Arctic Circle, but that’s exactly what this family of six decided to do in December 2013.

The Hjertefølgers live inside this solar geodesic dome located on Sandhornøya island in Norway

They built the house themselves using organic materials, such as sand and clay

It is a three-story house surrounded by a 25-foot-high solar geodesic dome

The dome even has a garden where the family can grow their own vegetables!

They reuse their wastewater to fertilize the plants and also compost food scraps and use biodegradable household products

“The feeling we get as we walk into this house is something different from walking in to any other house,” said Ingrid Hjertefølger

The dome offers majestic views of the Northern lights

And the surrounding wilderness

The family plan to hold workshops, classes, tours and concerts at their dome house

They also plan to build more cabins for yoga retreats and summer camps

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