This Incredible Dragon Bench Was Carved Using A Chainsaw

If you’re a hardcore Game of Thrones fan, or a master MMORPG player, you probably have a soft spot for anything and everything dragon-related. Get ready to be wowed, because a wood carver in Germany just took a chainsaw and created the most beastly bench the world has ever seen. Would you care to sit?

Chainsaws and art might not exactly seem like the best match at first glance, but Igor Loskutow blends them with finesse. He was born in USSR-administered Tallinn (now the capital of Estonia) and currently works in Bad Dürrheim, Southern Germany, as a Husqvarna representative and wood carving instructor. Since 2006, he has received more than a dozen accolades for his work, including a first-place ranking at the prestigious Fasna Carving Festival in the Netherlands in 2009.

His latest achievement, the stunning dragon bench, is sure to bring him even more success, and has already earned him some viral fame. “Sh*t looks straight out of Skyrim,” one Reddit user commented, while others drew clear GoT parallels by calling it “Targaryen-approved.” Check it out for yourself below, and let us know if you’d go all in to have this other-worldly innovation on your front lawn.

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