This Is What Common Objects Look Like Inside

Traffic control device

Beijing traffic control

Inside of a furby

Sensors on a dart board

Inside a redbox machine

Inside a grenade

What a tortise looks like on the inside

Freshly stripped Cinnamon

Bungee cord

Inside of a firework

Inside of a cactus

Inside a zippo

What a shaving cream can looks like inside

Gas pump

Fire hydrant prior to being burried

Behind the screen at a movie theater

Fire suppression system activated in airplane hangar

What a 9 volt battery actually is

Behind the scenes at a bowling alley

lnside a Leica camera lense

Inside of a tire

Inside deadmau5 head

Building an escalator

Inside of a CT machine

Gutted Walmart

Inside golf balls

Inside a bomb

An optic cable stripped down

Pool Table

Inside of credit card

Gas pump hose

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