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This Medical Student Never Had The Guts To Become A Comic Artist But Was Challenged To

Amy Revives is a medical student, who is studying in Rotterdam to become a cardiologist. However, as serious as her studies sound, in her free time, she creates hilarious comics about her daily life that we’re sure most people will relate to.

The artist jokes that she was drawing before she knew how to walk and even talk. She got her first drawing tablet when she was 12 and couldn’t have been happier. “I spent countless late nights practicing and getting to know the digital world of art. I explored realism as well as abstract but found that I was most happy making comics about daily life,” says Amy.

“Through medicine I have learned that, though the physical body is very important, mental well-being is also paramount when it comes to being a happy and healthy person. Though I may not be able to help you with the physical aspect for now, I am able to help with the mental side,” says the artist. “Laughter and smiling flood the body and brain with happy chemicals and overall lift your mood, make you feel more energized and reduce stress.”

Through her comics, Amy hopes to put a smile on your face and make you forget about your worries – at least for a moment. Check them out in the gallery below!

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