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This New Clever Technology Turns Celebs Portrait Photos Into a Beautiful Classical Art Painting

In today’s modern era, technology is progressing quite rapidly. Thanks to the technology of the researchers at MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab, people can transform photos into 15th-century classical portraits and the internet is buzzing about this viral FaceApp like crazy. AI Portraits uses information from over 45,000 15th-century masterpieces to help “paint” the portrait of any photo that’s uploaded.

The new clever technology uses a technique known as style transfer, in which the algorithm copies surface-level, determines the best style for the portrait by analyzing the features and the background over to a modern-day photo and can render any face into faux oil, watercolor, or ink. Using the best style for the portrait, many people on the internet also transformed many of our favorite celebrities into classical paintings. From Beyonce to Tom cruise, our curated list has got them all. Scroll on to see for yourself and enjoy peeps!


Jared Leto

Dwayne Johnson

Tessa Thompson

Snoop Dog

Lady Gaga

Donald Trump

Mark Hamill

Dwayne Johnson

Robin Williams

Benedict Cumberbatch


Tom Cruise

Jason Momoa


Kehlani Parrish

Jennifer Lawrence

Natalie Portman

Denzel Washington

Elon Musk

John Travolta

James Earl Jones

Woody Allen

Elon Musk

Jack Nicholson

Kit Harington

Ed Sheeran

Jared Leto

Adam Driver

Keanu Reeves

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