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This Russian Cosplayer Can Playfully Turn Into Any Characters

A 21-year-old Russian singer, make-up artist and goddess of cosplay Jules Gudkova have a natural skill and killer talent of bringing characters of popular comics, books, movies, TV shows, modern childhood cartoons, and even toys to life with stunning realism. From Disney to Tim Burton, nothing seems too big of a challenge for this cosplayer. With almost 84K Instagram followers, she’s the rising star among many cosplayers fans on Instagram and the number just keeps going up thanks to her extraordinary talent.

In this post, we have listed up some of our favorite photos of her cosplays. Scroll on the list below to see her amazing work for yourself and enjoy peeps!

Simply beautiful!

Minnie would be proud!

She definitely looks more hot!

She is creative for sure!

Close enough!

Which version would you prefer?

Good luck with finding the real one!

A commendable effort …

Love this one!

A good attempt!

Way to go girl!

One hot bunny!

This is just amazing!

She definitely worked on the details!

Are they twins?

Has to work on the pose a bit…

She still looks extremely beautiful!

There is a new tomb raider in town!

Everything is right on point!

Mother of Dragons!

Those hairs took a while to do!

Look at those eyebrows!!

Hurt but not broken!

Amazing piece of art!

Just the crown is missing…

One sexy artist for sure!

One of the best!

Give her an award for this!

Couldn’t have done it any better!

Them curls!!

Isn’t she the prettiest?

I would definitely prefer her over the original!

A beautiful princess…

Gotta love her work here!

The eyebrows and the expression … Definitely on point!

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