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Hotels Surprised Their Guests With Creativity

If you stay at hotels often, you know that most of them seem to offer the same old thing – mildly friendly reception, a decent bed, and a warm shower. Today, however, we’d like to focus on a few hotels that decided to up their game and take hospitality to the next level.

This Hotels Pet Policy

Instead Of A Bible, This German Hotel Leaves A Copy Of The Un’s Declaration Of Human Rights

Looked Underneath My Bed At The Hilton Hotel

This Hotel Checklist Reminds You To Steal The Toiletries

My Hotel Gives You A Rubber Ducky

My Hotel Encourages Theft Of Its Stationary

This Hotel Has A Pillow Menu… With Pillow Samples

My Hotel Phone Has A Number For Bedtime Stories

This Hotel In Singapore Incorporates Landscaping Into Its Facade

This Bedside Lamp At My Hotel In Japan Can Be Half Lit

The Mirror In My Hotel In Japan Has A Heated Part That Won’t Steam Up After A Shower

Hotel I’m Staying At Has A Separate Towel To Take Off Makeup

Greeted By This Little Guy In My Hotel Bathroom

The Corridors In My Hotel Look Like A Retro Fps Game

The Room Numbers At My Hotel Are Shadows

Hotel’s Laundry Bag Has A Quote From Nietzsche On It

The Tv In Our Hotel Room Has Easily Accessible Hdmi And Usb Sockets

This Hotel Where You Kayak To Your Room

Durham Hotel’s Response To The “Bathroom Bill”

At This Lake Tahoe Hotel Pool, You Can Literally Swim All The Way To Nevada From California

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