Times People Met Their Dogs For The First Time, And The Looks On Their Faces Will Make Your Day

Getting a dog has gotta be up there with the most exciting and emotional times in your life. The first touch of a cold and wet nose, that first slobbery lick and over-enthusiastic jump onto your lap, these are things that stay in your memory forever.

Bored Panda asked people to submit their best first dog meeting pics, and we have now compiled an adorable list of times when it was puppy-love at first sight (or first sniff) for doggos and their brand new humans. You can just tell that through the good times and the ruff, they are destined to become best of buddies fur-ever.

My Mom Had Always Said No When My Dad Asked For A Puppy. For Years She Said No And My Dad Never Expected To Get Another Puppy Ever Again

Bringing My New Girl Home. I Think We Will Be Alright

Meet Luna, Our Shelter Rescue

Husband Surprises His Wife With A Little Pup She Thought Had Already Been Adopted. She Was… By Husband

This Excited Family Just Moments After Adoption

Love At First Sight… I Think She Has My Genes! Same Head!

Marley Meeting Her Dada

My Friend’s Daughter And Her Valentine’s Present

When I Met My Goldendoodle Pup, Boo

My Shelter Holds An Annual Dog Adoption Day In A Public Park. Seeing This Lady With Her New Best Friend Made My Day

Went To Rescue A Dog… Got A Bear Instead

Officer Montgomery Giving His New Potential Family Member Some Love

I Adopted An Old Girl. Meet Bellini

My So Was So Excited When He Found Out What His Early Christmas Present Was

My Son And Our Dog 20 Minutes After We Adopted Her

Went To The Shelter With The Intention Of Petting The Dogs… Left With A Dog

Biggest Dream Come True

Surprised My Dad With A New Puppy

I Met My Best Friend Today

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