Trolls Who Decided to Make a Few Photoshop Masterpieces, and You Hardly Expect Such Results

1. Meet Azuki — the most popular hedgehog on Instagram:

2. When the intern falls asleep at work:

3. The person who stacked newspapers this way thought they had the best idea, until someone else took it to another level… twice.

4. The cat that is an incredibly great dancer

5. Here is the true love that knows no boundaries:

6. It seems the internet was made for posting cats.

7. It’s time to think about the frailty of being.

8. This cat ran across a football field during a game.

9. M is for magnificence

10. That’s the most sincere surprised face we’ve ever seen:

11. This is what heat looks like:

12. May the force stay with us!

13. Smug Shiba Inu dodging a snowball:

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