What 2 Tourists Discovered On A Boat Trip In Mexico Is Just Magical

The ocean is a wondrous place. It contains some of the most beautiful creatures and landscapes on our planet. It also contains some of the most horrifying and nightmarish ghouls you could ever lay your eyes on. You never really know which version of the ocean you are going to get when you visit, as it’s a surprise every time you explore.

These lucky people were able to witness one of the most beautiful migrations of stingrays. Few people are ever privy to this sight in person. Luckily for us, we now can understand its beauty, since it was captured on camera.

It’s lovely when people catch a rare natural occurrence on camera for all the world to witness. These events really shed light on habits and behaviors that we might not have known about before. Now we’re all a little more knowledgeable about stingray migratory habits!

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