When He Was Born, His Parents Knew He Was Special, But They Never Expected This

When the parents of Patrick Henry Hughes saw him for the first time, they knew something was special about him. However, they didn’t know what would become of him due to the unfortunate circumstances surrounding his birth.

Patrick was born without functioning eyes. He cannot fully straighten out his arms and his legs, making him unable to walk. He also needed to have two steel rods surgically implanted into his spine to fix his debilitating scoliosis.

Yet even with all of these disabilities, Patrick found a way to be an inspiration to us all. With his never-give-up attitude, Patrick is following his dreams, and they are coming true right before our eyes.

This truly heartwarming story of perseverance is something we can all learn from. There is no excuse for you to avoid following your dreams and accomplishing them. Just like Patrick, you can accomplish anything you put your mind to.

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