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Who’s your favorite out of 18 superhero lookalikes from DC and Marvel?

Captain America/Superman

“Superman and Captain America are linked by shared values, shared roles within their respective teams, and a shared sense of working as the moral compass of their respective superhero universes.”

Iron Man/Batman

“Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark are both billionaire geniuses who use their vast resources to develop superheroic personas which serve as secret identities (for a long time in the comics, “Iron Man” was publicly cast as Tony Stark’s bodyguard, and not Stark himself).”


“Though their approaches and personalities are often very different, Thanos and Darkseid are connected by a shared desire for ultimate control over all living things, which makes them both especially driven and especially dangerous.” Plus they look, like, exactly the same.

Hulk/Black Adam

“Like the Hulk, Black Adam is driven by rage, and Adam himself must fight to control his own inner rage in managing his powers and behavior, much like Bruce Banner.”

Quicksilver/The Flash

“Barry Allen and Pietro Maximoff are the two characters in their respective cinematic universes who run really fast.” Good enough for me!

Thunderbolt Ross/Amanda Waller

“Both are taskmasters who attempt to bring super-powered beings to heel in an unpredictable world, and both seem willing to cross lines to do just that, even if Waller is a bit more amoral than Ross would seem to be.”


“Namor and Arthur are both the products of two worlds, humans whose biology was altered (mutated, in Namor’s case) by the presence of another force.” Plus, you know, water.


“Punisher and Peacemaker have evolved over the years, but at their core there’s the sense that they must become killing machines in order to make the world a better place, no matter what the personal cost is to themselves.”

Thor/Wonder Woman

“Thor and Wonder Woman are both mythological beings from other worlds who are transplanted into human society and must not only learn to live among people, but learn to appreciate what humankind has to offer the wider cosmos.”

Winter Soldier/Deadshot

“Both Deadshot and the Winter Soldier emerge in their respective universes as impossibly skilled assassins, adept at taking down their targets no matter what and walking in the circles of both heroes and villains as the situation suits them.”

Scarlet Witch/Enchantress

“Apart from their magic, they both share a deep sense of struggle over determining who they really are, as both Wanda and June must try to assert themselves even while living in tandem with the magical personas inhabiting their bodies.”

Captain Marvel/Green Lantern

“Carol Danvers and Hal Jordan are both pilots whose adventures bring them into contact with phenomenal cosmic powers which help to make them guardians of both their home planet and a wider swath of the galaxy.”

Black Widow/Huntress

“They’re both accomplished killers, they’re both morally grey in terms of how far they’re willing to go, and they’re both surprised by how much fulfillment they get out of being part of a team.”

Doctor Strange/Doctor Fate

“Strange and Fate are both powerful sorcerers who are the sole wielders of certain key magical artifacts within their comic book universes.”


“Vision is a synthezoid who has to learn what it means to be human, while Cyborg is a human who has to learn what it means to be part machine.”

Ant-Man/Atom Smasher

“Atom Smasher and the various heroes who wear the Ant-Man mantle can shift their molecular structure to change size, though in Atom Smasher’s case, it’s all about getting bigger, something the Ant-Men only do sometimes.”


“Deathstroke and Deadpool also share similar backgrounds, having proven themselves as fighters and eventually becoming mercenaries who underwent experimental procedures to become superhuman…There’s a reason the character’s name—Wade Wilson and Slade Wilson—rhyme.”

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