You Might Think Landslides Are Fast, But This Slow-Moving Mass Is Terrifying

Landslides and avalanches are terrifying forces of nature that you can’t do anything about except run the other way. These insanely destructive events can sweep away people and even houses. Most people believe that these disasters only occur on mountains, and that anyone living on flat land is safe from them.

Unfortunately, these people are dead wrong. Recently, a video surfaced that showcased a rare type of flat-land landslide, known as an “earthflow.” Earthflows are caused by the flow of fine-grained materials, such as clay, sand, and silt that have been fully saturated with water. The materials move downhill because of the pull of gravity. The end result is a terrifying show of nature’s wrath.

These earthflows are usually triggered by heavy rainfall, so don’t fret — unless you live in an area near a stream with heavy rain accumulations and fine-grain materials. If you live in one of those places, then yeah, you should be a little worried that your house could be swept away by an earthflow.

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