10 Biggest, Most Devious Marketing Lies Ever

People are so freaking gullible. And sometimes it’s a good thing. Not every other stranger wants to use us for their own secret agenda. In fact, if you open up to the possibilities, most people will think you’re too crazy to be taken advantage of. Either crazy or actually stupid, but who’s going to risk messing with a crazy person, right? Well, turns out, some companies don’t give a sh#t about how crazy you may be. They’re focused on screwing you over, whether you like it or not.

Let’s see these 10 devious marketing lies that are almost impossible to forgive.

1. Is this supposed to be a pizza slice? It looks like a freaking key-chain!

2. “Two scoops” they said… Ant-scoops maybe!

3. Skimping out on raisins of all things? You disgust me!

4. This is why I have trust issues.

5. You wanted a panda candy? Well, you’re getting the buttcrack instead!

6. You Polish bastards! Give us your raisins! Okay, fine, “cranberries”, give us your cranberries!

7. Someone out there is laughing at this, but I’ve been there… It’s not that funny.

8. Not that I’m a big fan of sucking on shrimp heads, but this is still cheating.

9. I wish slow and painful torture death to whoever came up with this…

10. … and this. Seriously, go screw yourself with a rusty pipe!

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