Students Are The Most Ingenious Bastards On The Planet

There’s nothing like having half a brain and being broke to make you invent some truly groundbreaking stuff. Sadly, most people with half a brain have money since they get all the good jobs. That’s why mommy told you to eat your green vegetables. To deal with this impasse, humanity invented college. It’s a place where students go to either live or bury their dreams.

Some of these students, while maybe not Nobel Prize material, have a mind for ingenuity. Whether it’s sheer brilliance or unbridled laziness, we’ll never fully know. The one thing we do know is that these people went above and beyond the line of duty and made some inventions that, apart from solving everyday problems, showed us that with the right level of imagination, everything is possible.

Let’s take a look at some truly inspiring college-approved life hacks. Because students are the leaders of tomorrow.

That’s almost like a real pizza slicer.

Broken shower head? Not anymore!

This is how everyone should boil eggs.

And yes, it also does spaghetti.

First we heat the iron on the oven …

… and then we microwave the pizza!


And if your iron is broken, this also works.

Mother Nature’s fridge.

You can see the guy down the corridor looking back in awe.

Only Superman can steal my car.

This’ll mash potatoes just fine. Just be sure to drink the entire thing first. You’re in college and nobody likes you sober anyway.

Bring your own meat!

Sports and carbs, perfect combination.

Well, it’ll extinguish a small fire, for what it’s worth.

Saves me the trouble of having to buy speakers, but removes my ability to drink coffee. Tough choice.

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