What’s Funnier than Dad Jokes? Dad TEXTS!

Do you cringe and sigh at the sight of bad puns or silly jokes? Sorry, you better keep browsing then. But if you’re like me, and you appreciate a good dad joke – welcome aboard! These 23 text conversations between fathers and their kids are so bad you can’t help but love them. Let’s roll out!

1. God dammit, dad, your a evil genius!

2. Chillest dad ever.

3. That how you know your dad loves you.

4. Oh, he’s so grounded when he gets home.

5. His hint$ weren’t $ubtle at all.

6. I would lose my shit if I had a dad like this.

7. No more 8===D for Ashley!

8. That’s me in a few years. Yes, I’ll become a moth.

9. You don’t joke about donuts!

10. How to scar your kid for life.

11. Love will find a way, dad.

12. Classic dad.

13. You know you’d call your kids assholes too.

14. I have no comment. This is perfection!

15. At least he’s not Slytherin’


16. Cop dad = best dad.

17. *autistic screeching*

18. Maybe it’s a D&D party, dad? … Wait, that would’ve been even worse.

19. You’ll get a new pair of socks, son.

20. Joke so bad it’s hilarious.

21. Technically, you can piano a tuna.

22. How did that work out for you, boy?

23. I just wanna see the dad’s reaction when he realized he’s got the wrong kid.

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