20 People Who Took Signs TOO Literally

Are you one of those law-obeying, always-punctual perfectionists? Do you do everything you’re told by the authorities, even if the authority comes in a form of street signs? If you are, there’s a good chance you’ll see a picture of yourself down below.
Here are 20 people who took signs way too literally. Have fun!

1. No girls allowed!

2. That’s some genius bridge design…

3. To be fair, at least it’s not “drive-thru butcher shop with sharp knives and meat hooks”, it’s a pharmacy.

4. Either way this sign is really freaking clever (TM)

5. You’re the boss, road sign!

6. Looks like this bagpipin’ Darth Vader on a unicycle’s got you covered, Portland.

7. Stop lying, Mr. street sign!

8. Pavlov would be proud!

9. Of course, there’s always gonna be that one dude…

10. Rules are rules, doggo, now go into the trash bin!

11. You’ll probably need a hand.

12. Why else would they call them “toss pillows”?

13. More like “gently hover your hands around water”

14. Eye see what you did there!

15. This HAS to be Canada.

16. So the actual hats are where the t-shirts should’ve been? Good luck with doing that bit!

17. He’s probably stuck somewhere in the flashbacks.

18. You just can’t stop human ingenuity.

19. I’m glad it doesn’t say “poop here”

20. Where’s the “don’t let the cat go inside!” sign? That would’ve been perfect!

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