10 People Transformed Into Amazing Pixar-like Characters

Have you ever wished you could get whisked off to the beautiful, enchanted worlds that exist in Pixar animation? Well, thanks to the incredible artistic talents of Lance Phan, your dream can now become a reality!

Fans of his 3D artwork can submit a solo picture of themselves (or one with friends, significant others and even pets) which then get “Pixar-fied” using digital textures and three-dimensional modeling. The result is a digital cartoon character that totally begs to be put in a future hit Pixar movie!

The thing that makes Phan’s work so impressive is his attention to detail. The realistic strands of hair are carefully rendered, the shadows are perfectly placed, and the eyes give off a warm glow.

Are you interested? Check out his pricing and conditions here. The good news is that Phan does such a great job that everybody and their dog (literally) is requesting a commission of their photo.

The bad news is that he is booked solid at the moment, which means it could be a while before he has a chance to make you look like a character from Frozen. But in the mean time, here are 10 of his best commissions for you to enjoy!

10. That mustache has a story and it deserves to be told!

9. Something amazing has caught the eye of this little girl. A fuzzy character from Monsters, Inc., perhaps?

8. Woman’s best friend indeed!

7. An aspiring wizard? Anything is possible in the Pixar universe!

6. This definitely has the makings of a “Happily-Ever-After” story!

5. This fashionable woman deserves top billing in the next Pixar movie!

4. Swooning the girl of his dreams with a serenade? You can’t rule it out!

3. The Princess of the Flower Kingdom, no doubt!

2. By Phan’s own admission, this is decidedly less Pixar-like than the others. But she’s a dead ringer for a Final Fantasy character; that is certain.

1. The alien invaders don’t stand a chance against this girl!

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