Girl Does Not Realize She’s Sitting Next To The Guy Whose Music She’s Listening To, And It Escalates Hilariously

Many of us have daydreamed of running into our favorite actor or artist in a store, on our way somewhere, striking up a casual conversation or simply spilling our love and adoration to them right then and there. Well, last July one girl got incredibly lucky to sit next to her favorite musician, however, to her own disappointment Alicia was unaware of it. Dotan, the musician in question, shared the story with his Twitter followers, live-tweeting the experience.

The 31-year-old Dutch singer-songwriter was on a plane when he noticed that the girl sitting next to him is listening to his album. As they started chatting, it quickly became clear that Alicia did not recognize him. While trying to throw some hints, the musician shared the experience with his followers and eventually decided to go with one user’s suggestion to leave her a note. Read down below how the situation unfolded and how the girl reacted in the end.

Dotan is a 31-year-old Dutch musician who met his oblivious fan while on a flight

He shared the interaction live with his Twitter followers last July

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