Times Product Packaging Was So Wrong, People Couldn’t Stay Silent Any Longer

Packaging waste equals to about one-third of all trash, costing governments billions of dollars each year in disposal expenses. Bored Panda has collected a set of images, proving this huge contributor to the global waste crisis could be reduced significantly.

Packaging solutions often become the subjects of heated debates. While the eco-minded consumers want it to be as minimal as possible (meaning, fully recyclable), manufacturers often fire back that they don’t want their products to start decomposing in the store or become an easy target to shoplifters. And while some of their arguments have reasons behind them, a lot of the time packaging is needlessly excessive. Do we really need a pill to be wrapped in three layers of plastic? Or, better yet, casings for coke cans? Scroll down to learn why we really need to rethink packaging and vote for the worst or most ridiculous images!

If Only Nature Would Find A Way To Cover These Oranges So We Didn’t Need To Waste So Much Plastic On Them

Individually Packaged Coke Cans

If Only Bananas Had Robust, Natural, Bio-Degradable Packaging Of Their Own. Some Sort Of Peelable Skin, Perhaps

The Amount Of Packaging For This One Single Pill

7ft Of Air Packaging To Protect The Socks

This Is Just Plain Ridiculous

I Ordered 5lbs Of Sugar Free Jelly Belly’s Online… They Arrived Individually Wrapped! Why?

Amazon, I Don’t Think The Box Was Big Enough

New Laptop Came With Anti-Virus Program. I Only Needed The Security Key Code Underneath A Sticker On The Bar Code. A Huge Waste Of Plastic

Single Wrapped Potatoes

This Peeled Avocado

Individually Packaged Slices Of Bread

Ridiculously Redundant Over-Packaging

A Tic Tac Novelty Box That Has 60 Individual Boxes Each With 6 Tic Tacs… So Much Plastic

Amazon Sent My Bubble Wrap Wrapped In Paper

Pre-Peeled Bananas Wrapped In Plastic

This Knife Is Far Too Small For The Packaging

So Much Waste

These Organic Oranges Individually Wrapped In Plastic

What On Earth

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