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12 Strangest Superstitions People Around The World Believe In

Though it’s hard to believe, but people do care a lot about superstitions. Some believe that walking under a ladder is not a good thing to do. Others think when a black cat crosses their path, it’s game over. These are strangest superstitions that people follow across the world. It’s an individual call to believe in these superstitions, but the even the strangest ones have baffled the people around the world.

1. Opal Stone

It was believed that Opal Stone brings bad luck for those who wear it. This superstition stemmed from the 1829 novel “Anne of Geierstein”. The novel had such an impact on the Opal market that after its publication, the prices of these stones dropped by 50%.

2. Unlucky Smoking

Though smoking is bad, it was made worse during Crimean War to the World War I. The soldiers considered it unlucky to light three cigarettes with one matchstick. It was believed that the match tycoon Iver Krueger made up this superstition to drum up his business.

3. Black Cats

This is one such strangest belief that still exists. However, people in the middle ages used to believe that single women associated themselves with black cats and became witches. It is the reason why a black cat crossing your path, is mistaken to be a witch.

4. Bird Poop

In Russia, people have a belief that if a bird poops on you or any of your property, it is a sign of good luck and bring you riches. Next time a bird poops on you, feel free to be joyous!

5. Jinxed Birds

Jinxtorquilla Birds have the ability of twist their heads quite literally. People believe that if this bird twists its head towards you, death is near.

6. Umbrella

According to this strangest belief, opening an umbrella indoors might bring bad luck for you. One explanation states that umbrella is also used for protection against the sun and when you open it indoors, it would insult God Sun who might curse you back.

7. New Broomstick

Broomstick has a lot of superstitions exclusively kept for itself. However, one of it states that you shouldn’t try sweeping out dirt from a new house from a new broom. If you did that, well, you’re sweeping out your good luck!

8. God Bless You

Saying “God Bless You” immediately after someone sneezes have a whole theory behind it. People used to believe that the soul escapes the body during a sneeze, and our heart momentarily stops. It is the reason why we say “God Bless You”.

9. Number 13

No. It’s not about Friday 13th. But many people still consider 13 to be an unlucky number. Architects still refuse to make buildings ending with 13th floor or stairs that end with 13 steps.

10. Soul Cage

In the 19th century, people had a strong belief that if someone captured your photograph, they also have a hold over your soul. It only gives them full control over you but also empowers them to do anything sinistral. Thank god we don’t have it now!

11. Ringing Of Bells

Ever wondered why bells are sounded during weddings and special occasions? It was believed that sounding bells are a preventive measure to frighten the evil spirits away.

12. Chewing Gum At Night

It is believed in Turkey that if you chew gum at night, it is rotting the dead flesh. So the next time you’re in Turkey, think twice before you chew gum. You might be troubling the dead men.

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