22 Totally Weird Things People Carried On Bikes

We have seen more than two people on bikes. We have also seen things carried on a bike. But these photos here takes the level of craziness to extremity.

While bikes like Yamaha and Harley Davidson are flaunted by “cool guys”, there are a number of people dependent on this two-wheeler.

Usually, a bike is used between families as a transportation medium or when different things are to be carried. While some delicate sensibilities find it wild enough to carry two people, in this list, we have chosen the people who treat their bike as a freaking weird truck.

They have mastered the art of carrying things that weigh even greater than the bike itself. You would be dazed to see these weird things carried on a bike.

1. When there’s a will, there’s a WAY.

2. This guy must be hoping to not to get a speed breaker in his way.

3. Where’s the paddle? You see it?

4. That’s like “Yeah b*tch, that’s my style”

5. And he’s even leaning back on them. Such a nice person.

6. I wonder if the physics applicable in our daily lives is the same as theirs.

7. Even the guy’s like “WTF man?”

8. They have some special powers that make this possible. I bet.

9. This guy single-handedly sorted the need of a helmet and the stress of carrying this chair.

10. Because carrying that many fruits were difficult. Huh!

11. After doing that, you need guts to turn back and smile.

12. You see him hula hooping while driving? He’s a legit multitasker.

13. “What if the cage opens?” is what makes him look sideways while driving. I bet

14. Bro, how can you even carry styrofoam on a bike? How?

15. The girl looks super happy. I doubt it.

16. Bikes on bike.

17. The ones at the bottom are like “F*cker why haven’t you kept us at the top?”

18. He mastered the art of balancing.

19. I hope these doesn’t have helium in them.

20. Don’t kick it buddy, it’s full.

21. That’s like a moving aquarium.

22. The basket-man.

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