13 Photos That Will Definitely Bring Tears To Your Eyes

If you take a look at today’s world, it would seem that all hope for humanity is lost; we are all constantly reminded of this daily by the media and social media.
But not all hope is lost. You see, there is a lot of good in the world, despite the overflowing negativity; we just need to keep an open mind. This is why we gathered these positive images that would make you smile and maybe even shed a tear.

1. The community is held close together if the bond is strong

After Hurricane Irma struck Florida, a lot of people were left devastated by the consequences. Realizing that something needs to be done, these people decided to invite everyone to a friendly talk and a free coffee and discuss how to start over.

2. Real buddies look after each other.

This dog’s paws were cut during a long hike, and the man carrying it drove to the exact location after his friend – the dog owner – called him. The man carried the dog all the way to the vehicle. A true hero!

3. A cuddle is all you need when feeling down

Meeting a friendly stray cat or dog is always a positive experience, and it is clear that this encounter was enjoyed equally by both sides. This friendly feline immediately made a new friend, which is adorable.

4. Gordon Ramsey’s soft side

We have all seen this man’s attitude, but here he really amazed us with his generosity. Maybe there more to this man than the grumpy chef that’s always yelling at somebody? If we judge by this tweet, he may even turn out to be a good guy.

5. A match made in Heaven

This boy has a very rare eye condition called heterochromia, as well as a cleft lip. You can imagine the kind of treatment he gets from other kids in school. But everything changed for him when he got this cat. The feline features the exact same condition as the boy, which is amazing!

6. Santa’s workshop exists

And these two gentlemen are the hardworking workers who create Christmas magic. The volunteers create about a thousand wooden tops every year in their workshop, after which they donate them to the Ronald McDonald house.

7. Window washers can also be superheroes

As you can see, they are combining the two into an activity that has a very special purpose. They are working on Pittsburgh Children’s Hospital, and they really make a difference in the kids there – it’s a big deal for them when Batman cleans their windows.

8. Politeness is a beautiful thing

Maybe this happened in Canada? There’s snow, so it must be Canada. The other clues are the sign someone left to thank the stranger that shoveled their driveway, as well as the second sign acknowledging the initial one. This is beautiful.

9. Stories like this are everything

After hearing about a disabled man whose only wish was to own a rare Tonka toy, word spread quickly and Tonka stepped in. The management took matters into their own hands and showed us how care and empathy are all we need in this world.

10. Helping others is the best kind of reward

There is no need for reward if you helped someone; the reward itself was the fact that you got the chance to help. The staff at this restaurant probably knew that well, and they did the right thing.

11. This canine feels the love

There are no words to express our thoughts upon seeing this man pushing a stroller with his elderly dog inside. The pooch seems to enjoy the walk, and that is all it takes for one soul to be happy. We salute this man for making such an effort and for having a big heart.

12. A truly admirable act

You have probably seen how the veteran graves’ stones become overgrown with grass over time, making them almost unnoticeable in cemeteries. This is why this man takes some time to clean them every year, which is a hard, but satisfying task.

13. The heaviest gate can be open with only one kind word

Nothing is impossible when you are kind and outgoing! Emma is the perfect example for this. The kind of attitude this girl has is the proper way for everyone to socialize and to build a strong community. This cute letter was written in such a way that nobody could deny the girl’s request.

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