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13 Wholesome Comics Shows What Is Like To Date An IT Guy

Hong Kong-born artist Bonnie Pang has been creating the Roar Street Journal for about three years when she decided to try something new. She recently got engaged and started creating a relationship comic showing her life with her fiancé. “In Roar Street Journal, even though all of the characters were animals, most had stories inspired by my personal experiences. But IT Guy & ART Girl rely on them 100%. Sometimes, however, I exaggerate things a bit to make the story funnier. So please, don’t believe that every story in the series had happened exactly the same way in real life, too!” says the artist.

Bonnie says the comics are a medium through which she can freely share her values and thoughts. In the beginning, she thought that no one would read her comics because there were already many relationship comics out there. But it turned out to be quite opposite when she found out that many people related to her comics: “I didn’t expect so many people would relate to the series and the fact that there are quite a lot of other IT guy and ART girl couples. Thank you, everyone, for reading!”

Check out the wholesome comics in the gallery below!

1. Recharge

2. Shopping with an IT guy

3. Fan

4. Cream

5. Muscular Calves

6. Eating Out

7. IT Guy

8. Art Girl

9. Wide Shoulders

10. Autumn

11. Stereotypical

12. Halloween Costumes

13. Slouching

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