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20 Hilarious Design Fails That Are So Bad, We Can’t Believe They Actually Happened

Everything from animal sex on kids pajamas to subtle double entendres that an editor clearly missed, several people were clearly spaced out on the job. Scroll down below to see the complete list and don’t forget to upvote your favorites!

Probably Not The Best Color For A Bike Saddle


I Didn’t Qualify For This Paid Survey After Selecting “No”

When Your Security Gate Is A Ladder

We All Party Down Here


This Ad Placement

Light Switch In Kids Room

Forever 21 Does Not Know How To Use Photoshop Or What Women Actually Look Like

Perfect Design


The ‘Bathroom’ In My Airbnb Will 100% Result In Shitty Encounters With The Host

Closer Than You Think

The Clock Hands Don’t Glow…

I Think They Forgot To Photoshop The Other Boob

So My Campus Had A Suicide Awareness And Prevention Day

It Almost Seems Intentional

“We Need To Decorate The Toilet For The Disabled” “Say No More”

Stupidity Level: Human

Putting The Bathroom Lightswitch Right Beside The Fire Alarm Control Switch In An Elderly Persons Home…

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