20 People Whose Ingenuity Doesn’t Know Any Limits

Housekeeping and other everyday activities take a lot of time and effort. Fortunately, there are savvy people that can make our life easier. They use trash bags to pack all their belongings before moving, invent banana hooks, and many other cool things.

Get keys on a keyring with a staple remover.

“My husband just told me that the coffee cardboard thingy is universally sized to help you carry 2 cups at once.”

If you don’t have candles, use wax crayons.

“My parents use toilet paper packaging as a garbage bin bag.”

How to fight hot weather: Choose your shirt pattern, insert ice pack gels, freeze overnight, ride the heatwave!”

To remove old stains, spill some peroxide on them and iron.

When you’ve got glass shower doors and a toddler that won’t stay out:

How to heat donuts:

“I just found my new part time office! I put my iPad inside a cooler so I could work in the pool!”

“Heat shrink tubing has kept this alive for 2 years.”

Place the tray in the freezer, and fill with a squeezy drink bottle. This allows you to control the flow.

Now this curtain won’t stay open.

Use different color ink for one-sided cheat sheets.

“Took some leather cleaner and a drill scrubby to my beige leather couch and got awesome results.”

Use a hook to keep bananas off your counter.

Use garbage bags to easily pack your hung clothing before moving.

Bonus #1: If you want to carry your chips with you, you can use tape and a Ziploc bag.

Bonus #2: “I don’t always ride on the back of a truck, but when I do, I ride in comfort.”

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