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20 Mysterious Photos Where Something Unexplainable Is Happening

A photographer who managed to catch a magical moment or take a photo of a regular object from an unusual angle. And very often, these mind-blowing shots happen absolutely accidentally.

According to their looks, the guys in hot dog costumes don’t feel funny at all.

“Portrait mode on my iPhone X made my glass vanish.”

“This picture of my friend hiking makes him look like a giant sitting amongst mountains.”

This guy made a miracle! He managed to have perfect timing when capturing this stunning shot.

This is not a shot from a fantasy movie but rather, a welder doing their work.

“My cat’s eyes are closed, but in her reflection, they’re open.”

A blowball with the eyes of a bug

This goat is definitely going to become an Instagram star.

A huge camel caterpillar

A cool optical illusion in a Moscow metro

The monument dedicated to oilmen in Surgut, Russia looks like a commercial for a famous fast food brand.

Run! A giant insect is attacking the petrol station!

“This camera angle looks like my baby’s feet are not attached to a body.”

“Here’s a pelican trying to bite me for totally justified reasons.”

“It seemed for a moment that there was a real elephant behind glass doors being transported in the car.”

Not a cat-dog but a cat-cat!

The effect of a rolling shutter turned the rotating coin into a curved coin.

“Yes, that was me in those cat food commercials!”

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