14 Interesting Facts For Every Random Facts Lover

For one week in 1994, Tim Allen had the #1 movie at the box office (The Santa Clause), The #1 rated TV show (Home Improvement), and the #1 NY Times bestselling book (Don’t Stand Too Close to a Naked Man).

Only two groups of people in Sparta could have their names inscribed on their tombstones: women who died in childbirth and men who fell in combat.

Nas listed his daughter as an executive producer on his album Stillmatic so that she could always receive royalty checks from the album’s sales.

If you are 27, half of India is younger than you. If you are 30, already half of the world is younger than you.

There are over 100 million people in the world today who have Irish ancestry, which is more than fifteen times the population of 6.4 million on the entire island of Ireland.

The Caesar Salad is named after Caesar Cardini, an Italian American hotel owner.

Over 684 species of plants have been identified at the Roman Colosseum. Many of the seeds were planted through fecal matter of the many exotic animals brought from the far reaches of the Roman Empire.

Funk band Vulfpeck released an album on Spotify titled “Sleepify” consisting entirely of silence. They encouraged listeners to stream the album while sleeping, and used the royalties (nearly $20,000) to fund an admission-free concert tour.

When a born deaf person thinks, they feel themselves signing in their head.

A respected German anthropologist whose ‘discoveries’ helped shape our understanding of modern man, was found to have falsified most of his data. One skeleton he claimed was from 27,400 BC was later dated to 1750 AD.

In 2008, Monty Python decided to start their own YouTube channel. They uploaded HQ videos of their sketches which in only a few days resulted in 16,000% increase in DVD box set sales.

Dung beetles can navigate only when the Milky Way or clusters of bright stars are visible. They are the only insect known to orient itself by the galaxy.

Chipotle peppers are just smoke-dried jalapeños.

Some ants were able to recognize themselves in the mirror, displaying self-cleaning behavior after seeing themselves with a dot painted on their clypeus.

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