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15 Random Facts That Are Always Fascinating

Most body fat exits the body through exhaling.

The largest Japanese character is called Taito. It consists of 84 strokes and means “the appearance of a dragon in flight.”

Metallica was the first band to play on all 7 continents.

Pat Morita fought tuberculosis at an young age which resulted in him being in a body cast on and off from ages 2-11 and being told he would never walk. Some of you might better know him as Mr. Miyagi from the Karate Kid films or Arnold from Happy Days.

The phrase “balls to the wall” comes from aviation. Ball-shaped handles controlled the throttle and fuel, and putting these handles closer to the wall resulted in the fastest possible speed

In 1959, the winner of a city council election in Sao Paulo was Cacareco, a rhino at a local zoo. Its candidacy was traced back to students who had printed up 200,000 ballots with her name, and were all legitimately cast by voters, one of whom commented: “Better to elect a rhino than an ass.”

The area code of Brevard County, Florida is “321”. This is due to the county being the home of the Kennedy Space Center.

A notable portion of the Finding Nemo production crew were Filipino, and the name “P. Sherman” was chosen because it sounds like how one with a Filipino accent would say the word “fisherman.”

In 2011, a woman died in a Fall River, Massachusetts public pool and was not discovered until two days later when her body floated to the surface. The pool was visited by state health inspectors during the period the body was in the pool.

The Yakuza, Japan’s largest organized crime syndicate, provided food, water, blankets, diapers, etc. during both the 1995 and 2011 Japanese Earthquakes and at a much faster response time than even the Japanese Government.

A Russian named Vasili Arkhipov avoided causing WWIII after refusing his captain’s orders to launch nuclear torpedoes at US war ships during the height of the Cuban Missile Crisis. 2 of the 3 officers on board wanted to fire the missile; however, a unanimous decision was required.

The word boycott derived from Charles Boycott, an agent who collected rent from Irish farms on behalf of the British. Farmers demanded rent reductions. Boycott refused and evicted those tenants. Rather than attack Boycott, the Irish farmers refused to do business with him at all. Boycotting.

500 euro notes are often called “Bin Ladens”, because everyone knows what they look like, but they are really hard to find.

Jupiter shrinks by 2cm every year. When it first formed, it was twice as big as it is now.

The year on bottles of wine is the year the grapes were picked, not the year the wine was bottled.

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