15 Actors Posing Side By Side With Their Creepiest Roles By Artist Angela Norris

Angela Norris is a Brooklyn-based artist and the owner of Fxattics Studios, a shop where she makes creepy Halloween props and masks. Recently, she created a series of side-by-side pics comparing actors to some of their creepiest roles, and they show how some make up and masks can make them look completely unrecognizable.

In a recent interview with Bored Panda, Angela said that the project started after she did the montage with John Carroll Lynch and Twisty the clown, and noticed that her followers liked it. “I am a huge John Carroll Lynch fan and he portrays Twisty the clown of American Horror Story,” explained the artist. “So many people did not know that that was him. So, I decided to make a bunch of art pieces of horror Icons and the actors who portray them. A behind the mask and makeup, if you will.”

Lord Of Darkness, Pennywise And Frank N. Furter By Tim Curry From “Legend,” “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” And “It”

Samara And Daveigh Chase From “The Ring”

Angela says that the goal of the project is to generate some followers for her business page. “I try to make things that I like and what interests me because I know so many people love horror out there as much as I do,” says the artist.

Freddy Krueger And Robert Englund From “A Nightmare On Elm Street”

Beetlejuice And Michael Keaton From “Beetlejuice”

The artist says she was born in Salem, Massachusetts, so horror is in her blood. “I have been in love with horror and monsters since I was 4 years old, at which time I accidentally watched A Nightmare on Elm Street with my brother Ken,” said Angela. “My husband Alan and I run Fxattics Studios. I run the artistic side and he runs the business and marketing. I got the better end of the deal, if I do say so myself.”

 Valak And Bonnie Aarons From “The Nun”

Pennywise And Bill Skarsgård From “It”

Angela says that what she loves most about horror is that it creates feeling much like being in love. “The feeling of being scared and not knowing what’s coming next is so stimulating. Obviously, on the fictional level,” explained the artist. “I fell in love with my husband while watching horror movies. He had not seen many when we met. Still brings us together now.  We scare each other all the time. Even the kids will hide for minutes on end for the perfect scare.”

Predator And Big Foot By, Kevin Peter Hall From “The Predator” And “Harry And The Hendersons”

Chucky And Brad Dourif From “Child’s Play”

Twisty The Clown And John Carroll Lynch From “American Horror Story”

Pinhead And Doug Bradley From “Hellraiser”

Creeper And Jonathan Breck From “Jeepers Creepers”

Captain Spaulding And Sid Haig From “House Of 1000 Corpses”

Michael Myers And Tony Moran From “Halloween”

Leprechaun And Warwick Davis From “Leprechaun”

Leatherface And Gunnar Hansen From “The Texas Chain Saw Massacre”

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