15 Of The Most Dangerous Convicted Underaged Killers In The World

2. Jordan Brown was too jealous of his father’s pregnant fiancee

This 11-year old boy was apparently painfully jealous of the fact that his father’s fiancé was pregnant. He thought the new baby would steal his father’s love and attention from him, so he decided to eliminate the problem, literally. He grabbed his shotgun, which his father had gifted him for Christmas, and shot and killed 26-year old Kenzie Houk in her sleep, which led to the baby’s death as well. Brown has been already released from jail and is now 18 years old. We can only hope that he has remorse for what he has done and will never kill again.

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3. India was horrified by Amardeep Sada’s killing spree

Amardeep Sada killed several children back in 2007, starting with his six-month old baby cousin. After he smashed his head with a brick, he did the same horrific thing to his baby sister and then to the neighbors’ child. What is even more shocking is the fact that some of the neighbors knew what he had done, but nobody informed the authorities about this, calling it a family matter. The chance to prevent a second or third death wasn’t taken. The murderer was only eight years old at the time.

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4. Surpassing the Columbine shooting was the Bever brothers’ goal

The Menendez brothers are famous for the brutal act of murdering both of their parents in the 90s, but hardly anyone has heard of the Bever brothers, although they did something even more horrific. They were raised in a reclusive family from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. Robert, 18, and his 16-year old brother, Michael had two younger brothers, aged 12 and 7, as well as three sisters, aged 13, 5 and 5.

These two sinister boys wanted to commit something even more terrible than the incident in Columbine, so they did it. On the of July 22nd, 2015 they cold-bloodedly murdered their parents, the two other boys and their 5-year old sister. They did not touch the 2-year old girl, and the 13-year old sister managed to escape somehow. Robert and Michael were sentenced to life without parole and will never be free.

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5. Joseph McVay’s Mom made him do chores and he apparently did not like that

A concerned neighbor alerted the police via 911 on the second day of 2011 in Big Prairie, Ohio when something horrible happened. The officers arrived at the residence and found the dead body of a 46-year old woman on the living room floor, face down, with a gunshot wound to the head. After the initial search to find out who would do such a gruesome thing, it turned out to be her son, Joseph McVay, who was ten-years old at the time.

His 15-year old sister saw the whole thing. After interrogation it became clear that the only reason for the murder was the mother’s simple request to Joseph to bring some firewood inside. Joseph apparently did want to be told what to do, and shot his mother instead with a 22-caliber rifle.

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6. A couple in love with a twisted mind – met Kim Edwards and Lucas Markham

Kim Edwards and Lucas Markham were just a couple of 15-year old lovebirds. But they had very twisted minds, as it turns out. They shocked a lot of people in the UK after committing a brutal double murder. The victims were Kim’s 49-year old mother and 13-year old sister. The motive – poor Kim was not getting enough attention from her Mom. The couple decided to attack the mother and sister with a knife in their sleep, and then finished them off by suffocating them with their own pillows.

Immediately after the cold-blooded murders, the two murderers were intimate and then went into the bathroom together to wash away the blood. Next they watched some Twilight movies. Later Markham told the police that he killed his girlfriend’s sister only because he thought that she would likely call for help and notify the police.

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7. The entire class witnessed Will Cornick attacking

Ann Maguire, 61, was a couple of months away from retiring, after a lifetime dedicated to teaching. A seemingly regular kid, Will Cornick, who had not shown any signs of aggression previously, killed her. He was clearly holding some sort of grudge against the teacher. Back in 2014, on April 28th, he brutally attacked her by stabbing her in the back, while she stood by another student’s desk, injuring her fatally.

Cornick reportedly brought a bottle of whisky to celebrate the murder. What is even more horrifying is that he allegedly planned to assassinate two other teachers the same day, but he did not have the chance to complete his evil plan.

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