17 Awful Designs That Sent Shivers Down Our Spine

If you have an eye for aesthetics, the items featured in this article may leave you perplexed. On one side, the creators of these works evidently put in a lot of effort, as they do have a visually appealing aspect.

Yet on the flip side, it’s clear that their imaginations veered into the extreme. How else could one explain the inception of cigarette-adorned nails, a Shrek-themed car, and a slide modeled after the Titanic?

Denim boots…elegant?

There’s no need to rub your eyes, these are really denim panties.

This Titanic blow-up slide

“This Shrek car rolled into work today.”

Who had this idea?

A Volkswagen Beetle-bike

Why carry keys in your hand if you can just do this?

This is the longest tag we’ve ever seen.

This is really surrealistic.

Ready for takeoff?

This is both really weird and attractive.

Lobster bike

Thank goodness these aren’t trendy anymore.

It must be really hard to rub off the splatters.

Is this really the best place for a toilet?

“Thanks, Grandma!”

We aren’t exactly sure if the cat is happy or hates its underwear.

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