17 Times When Mishaps Became Hilarious

1. “I came home late. This is how my cat greeted me.”

2. “Amongst my Dad’s Christmas decorations is a set in a box marked ’Christmas Angles.’”

3. “Bought her a nigiri sushi house, but apparently, she likes tempura shrimp better.”

4. “We accidentally burned a tortilla, and it looks horrified.”

5. “Toby snuck out early this morning when I opened the door to take out the trash. He’s back now and very remorseful.”

6. “I’m making meatballs and asked my significant other to squeeze 3 cloves of garlic on the beef.”

7. “Instead of slicing the meat and cheese for my crackers, I just lop off what I want and chomp it.”

8. “Seems like stupid food, but the kids love it. It’s mac and cheese with hot dogs wrapped in a tortilla.”

9. “My husband started a new job. This is the uniform they gave him, and it’s my fault, as I took the measurements.”

10. “My husband packed a special treat for my lunch.”

11. “I forgot my headphones at my in-laws. ’No problem, we found them!’ This is what they mailed.”

12. “Asked the boyfriend to put SOME toilet paper in the bathroom.”

13. “My son has had his learner’s permit for a year. I asked him to repark the cars in the yard.”

14. “I let my 6-year-old choose the shower curtain.”

15. “Flat tire”

16. “Finally, some truth in advertising”

17. “Every Christmas, she perfectly photobombs at least one picture.”

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