20 Examples of How Kind Acts are Often Met with Adversity

1. The opioid crisis. Initially it was highly restricted and doctors hated prescribing it because they KNEW how addictive it could be. Well here we are.

2. I recall hearing that the person behind the ‘like’ function of Facebook legitimately just saw it as a nice way for people to show others what they like, or a way to positively react on things. It turns out that it has a huge negative impact on social cognition, especially for teenagers.

3. The introduction of Kudzu for erosion control. It has become invasive and girdles and kills plant life above ground without establishing proper roots, therefore causing soil erosion.

4. Sheltering your kid from every possible problem.

5. My parents thought that if they brought us kids to church every week (Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and all day Sunday), had us go to private religious schools, and made us volunteer for religious organizations, we’d stay out of trouble and be as zealous as they are. As soon as each of us could, we ran away and never looked back. One of my sisters won’t attend a funeral if its in a church!

6. The introduction of non-native species as a means of solving an environmental problem.

7. A lot of old programs centered around weight and eating disorders just led to kids being more self conscious of their weight, despite the intentions of wanting to prevent bullying ,and trying to promote healthy weight. It did not even matter if it was anti-anorexia.

8. Those parents who solve all their kids issues and don’t make them “stress” about consequences of their own actions. Their kids just turn into inept and entitled adults who still act 15 for decades and not only have a harder life for themselves, but make life miserable for everyone around them.

9. In every war, even the most righteous ones, there were members of the “good side” that were rapists, sadists, and plain old vile.

10. Zero tolerance in schools. Now the bullied kids are being punished.

11. Haiti did not have cholera. A disastrous earthquake hit Haiti in 2010. After the earthquake, humanitarian forces from the UN arrived to help, and the Nepalese contingent reintroduced Cholera to Haiti. This epidemic has since infected approximately 850,000 people and killed over 10,000.

12. Trying to help someone so desperately that you lose sight of your own actions and end up hurting everyone around you by neglecting your own health and becoming overly defensive of that person, even insulting and attacking others for them. This can happen too fast when you fall in love with a bad person.

13. The beginning of any political journey I suspect.

14. The invention of plastic!

15. The invention of social media. When Tom was working at Friendster, I genuinely believe he wanted to build something that allowed people to communicate in a new and modern way. On paper, early MySpace is a brilliant concept that made a lot of people realize the potential of the internet.This concept was mutilated and turned into what social media is today.

16. Federally backed student loans. Once money was guaranteed, colleges jacked up tuition and continue to do so, with no end in sight.

17. The D.A.R.E program.

18. Adobe Flash.

19. ‘Helping’ someone by enabling them in their self destructive behaviors. Sometimes you help someone by denying them what they want.

20. Trying to rescue too many cats.

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