18 Real Life Superheroes Who Deserve Some Love

Some people just want to watch the world burn. Conversely, some people just can’t help but do good for the people around them for no other reason than it simply feels good to help others. And, sadly, many of these heroes are left unsung as we focus on the a-holes of the world. But not these folks, who are a heck of a lot better than most.

1. “Dorothy anonymously bakes treats & leaves them for our apartment community. She was recently caught.”

2. “A woman in our neighborhood made these for all the pups on the block. Best thread ever!”

3. This dog gets really anxious in the car, so the grandma asked to sit in the back with him.

4. “A coworker noticed my boots needed replacing, these were waiting for me at my workstation.”

5. “We decided to not get gifts for each other. But I’m secretly buying everyone gifts for the very first time because now I have a job this year!”

6. “My 74-year-old father has been driving by this tree for 20 years. Today he mounted an owl he carved by hand.”

8. “She likes to go for rides but couldn’t see out the window.”

9. “Passed by this while walking.”

10. “My boyfriend saved this duck. This fabric was wrapped around his body. A hero in both mine and the duck’s eyes.”

11. “My little brother has autism. He turned 17 today. I came home from work to this note.”

12. “My mom crocheted and donated 31 blankets to sick children this year.”

14. “Saw these handmade hats and mittens in my local park when walking my dog. Very proud of my city.”

15. “My dad called me and told me his dog found a baby squirrel that was half alive in the yard. He rescued it and fed it.”

17. Andy was a footless goose. His owner made him shoes and taught Andy how to walk.

18. We all know Keanu’s heart is made of gold and here’s more proof.

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