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18 Useful Life Hacks That Actually Work

1. De-icing for uncovered parking. Windshield wiper fluid in a spray bottle to get all the windows with minimal scraping.

2. I’ve had no idea this was a thing for 45 years of grocery shopping. Hang your crunchables on the back of the cart.

3. Use a screw in the empty chamber to conduct electricity. Use a washer to make sure it doesn’t slide.

4. No more “all the cheese went to one side” arguments.

6. Keep your toddler safely in the grocery cart seat (and prevent abductions) with a carabiner.

7. Brilliant!

8. Wrapping your car in a tarp can help during flooding seasons.

9. Taco night will never be the same again.

11. Break off the clips from the ends of pants hangers and use them to close up your snacks!

13. Balance an empty can on the doorknob to alert you if someone tries to open the door while you’re elsewhere in the house. There have been a few break-ins in my neighborhood recently.

15. Band aids stay on better if you cut the ends and weave them together.

16. Or, collect that dust and make your own cereal-flavored milk.

18. Protect your extension cords against the garage door this Christmas. 1 pencil + duct tape.

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