Amazing Fails

19 Guidelines That We Should Disregard Since They Do Not Offer Any Helpful Outcomes

1. That when you’re related to someone, particularly in regards to parents, all things should be forgiven and forgotten. -AJSawASquirrel

2. That dogs mouths are cleaner than humans. -mikbatt

3. That just because a popular celebrity or athlete endorses a product, that means it’s worth buying. -Disco_Paradiso

4. “Number 14 will SHOCK you!” -PiratesOfTheAss

5. Hard work makes you rich. -Horror-Donut-6829

6. Money doesn’t buy happiness. -LordThurmanMerman

7. That MLMs are a good source of income. -DevynCorrine

8. “It’ll be easier if I get gas in the morning on the way to work”. Lies. -wtcshh

9. That if only people would switch to reusable straws, bags, rags, stop all single-use items, abide by zero-waste philosophies, we can ‘make an impact.’ -lavenderpeabody

10. Politicians are working in your best interest. -ThatGayIrishGirl

11. You do not have to wait 24 hours to report someone as missing. -sourdoughbreadlover

12. Practicing a religion makes you a good person. -Koto65

13. That people eat 8 spiders in their sleep over the course of their lifetime. -Glittercorn111

14. Ladies, don’t fall for “I promise I’ll pull out.” -ComprehensiveMud3353

15. Tear here to open. -StumpyCake

16. Vaccines cause autism. -Ok_Grape_8284

17. You no longer get zits when you get older. -chestergreene

18. Stranger Danger. We taught young children to be afraid of strangers in trench coats. Meanwhile priests and scout leaders were hurting kids all over the place. -PrisonNurseNC

19. That giving tax cuts to the wealthy helps the poor. There is no trickle down. -scipio0421

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